Sea Oh headshot

Sea Oh

Associate Attorney

Sea H. Oh is a seasoned attorney specializing in labor and employment law, dedicated to ensuring justice for workers. Before joining the firm, Sea gained valuable experience at another plaintiff’s side employment law firm, honing expertise in advocating for the rights of employees. Sea holds a degree from Handong International Law School in South Korea, and pursued legal education at both Regent University Law School and Trinity Law School. Further enhancing their legal knowledge, Sea graduated from George Washington University Law School with an LLM in intellectual property. After completing his law school training, Sea gained experience as a research law clerk at the Supreme Court of Alabama, working under the Honorable Chief Justice Tom Parker.

Beyond work, Sea enjoys pursuing leisure activities. A golf enthusiast, Sea finds relaxation and joy on the golf course.


George Washington University Law School

Washington, DC

LL.M. (Master of Laws)

Handong International Law School

Pohang, South Korea

Juris Doctor

Keimyung Adams College

Daegu, South Korea

Bachelor in International Business